Choosing a Venue pt. 1 (Ceremony)

Choosing the venue is a major detail of wedding planning.

Things to consider:


As obvious as it sounds there is a lot to consider when picking the actual location. You have to consider travel for yourself and any out of town guests. Will the ceremony and reception be held at the same location or will your guests have to travel?

Indoor or outdoor

When you picture your dream wedding are you at a small alter amongst the trees or have you always seen yourself in a church with your pastor.


If you are interested in outdoors a lot of public parks allow you to apply for a permit for little to no cost. There are lots of beautiful parks owned by the city.

However private venues even if outdoors can get a little pricey.

Additional considerations

You also have to consider will it be cheaper to rent chairs and an alter for your ceremony or renting out a church that will provide you with all of those things. Often if you hold the ceremony at a church your a member of you can get it for free.