Choosing a Venue pt. 2 (Reception)

The reception is most likely going to be the priciest part of your wedding simply because it has the most detail to consider. Think about what you want your reception to really say. Figure out what will best suit you and your guests.


When considering the menu think about what is actually important. Do you think your friends and family would enjoy a plated meal or would they be happier with a buffet. Platted dinners are usually served in course and the guests are served by the catering staff. This is a nice option but often cost more. Buffets are a cheaper alternative, but the guest we’ll still be getting the same food.

You also have to see if the venue you have selected requires you to use their vendor if it outside catering is permitted.


If decorating is not your thing you should probably consider a venue that is heavily decorated already. Otherwise check out Pinterest for some helpful decorating tips and DIY’s.


Music really sets the mood for your wedding. Do you want to a hire a DJ or is live music more up your alley? When you hire a DJ they often emcee the night. Think about what’s important to you and your fiancee to decide which one you want. Some people skip both and plug in an iPod set to a specific list.


Most weddings consists of dinner, toast, and dancing. Recently people have been incorporated activities to keep guests involved. However, consider what will best fit your guests. If the majority of your guests are over 70 a wheel barrow race is most likely no the best option. On the other hand if you the majority of your guests are young you probably don’t want to bore them with time-consuming speeches.

Clean up

Clean up is often an after thought. Figure out if the bridal party and your family will be taking decorations down or of the venue you rent will handle that for you. Make sure to read contracts and figure out penalties for any garbage left behind. You don’t want any unexpected charges after the wedding.