Let them eat cake

Cake is the main reason many attend weddings at all. Yet, cake is being substituted lately for other desserts but we’ll get into that later.

Most people picture the standard white layered cake when they think of a wedding cake but they’re are a variety of options. Figure out if you want to keep it traditional or add some flare to your cake.

When choosing your cake you have to consider your budget of course. You also have to make sure you have enough for all your guests.

It’s a good idea to find out if you’re caterer bakes wedding cakes because they might give you a deal depending on your package. When meeting with your caterer consider the design and the flavor you want for wedding cake, so that they will be able to create exactly what you and you’re fiancee want.

Will you have a groom’s cake?

This is often a tradition more often with southern weddings. Groom’s cake are fun and creative way to incorporate your fiancee’s personality into the wedding.

Here’s a link with some fun examples of groom’s cakes:

The most important thing too keep in mind when picking the cake is to pick a cake you and your guests will enjoy.

Another popular wedding cake tradition is too save the top layer of your cake, so that you and your fiancee can enjoy a piece at each anniversary. (A good excuse to eat cake!)