Let’s talk about wedding themes

Theme might sound scary for some and excited for others but, having a theme for you’re wedding doesn’t  necessarily equal a Star Wars themed or Disney themed wedding.

Choosing a them will just help you when decorating and deciding the vibe you’re wedding will have on that day.

If you’re stumped with picking wedding decoration then go on Pinterest. I know Pinterest seems like the answer to everything…because it is!

If you’re a simple girl you might want to search for romantic or minimal wedding decorations.

If you’re an outdoorsy girl you should look up rustic weddings.

For girls who are a bit outdoorsy but don’t shy from glitter you should definitely look up rustic glam.

There also so many ideas for a country wedding on Pinterest. If you’re just the opposite then modern glam wedding picks will work for you.

There’s a vast array available to help direct your wedding decorating whether you want simple elegance to a Gatsby-esque affair you can find it all. And if not you can always create a style of your own, while mixing and matching all your favorite styles.

Remember there is no set way for decorating your wedding. It only happens once so be sure to make it a day you’ll remeber, and of course keep it classy.