Wedding extras

Non-traditional wedding activities

Wedding receptions don’t have to be all dinner and dancing. If you’re not a dancer throw in some activities you do enjoy. You’re guest will be expecting the norm. It’s always fun to shake things up a bit.

1.Photo Booth– Set up a space with props and let guests go wild with this fun idea. Guests can use their own camera on their phones or you can provide a Polaroid or Fujifilm instant camera to snap a quick pic of themselves. This is a cute and inexpensive way to capture memories.

2. Giant Jenga– This twist on a classic game is always a crowd pleaser. Jenga is fun already so making a bigger version of it is of course a great idea. This game will be ideal for outdoor weddings.

3. The shoe game– This is a game that will get all your guests involved with you and your new spouse. You give your guest clues and they have to guess who that clue belongs to. You two will hold up the shoe with who the clue belongs too.

4. Create your own Hashtag- A lot of couple are creating their own hashtag on Instagram for guests to upload pictures too. Now you won’t have to a year for your cousin to send you that amazing pic you two took at the wedding. Photos will be up instantly.

5.Wedding Bingo– Most people are familiar with Bingo. This can just be a game to keep guests involved with the wedding and not checked out. It’s also a good idea to have a prize for the winner.

There are of course so many activities you can come up with for you and your guest. Get creative and have fun!