Picking a Date

When deciding the date of you’re wedding they’re are many things that need to be considered.

For example what season have you always envisioned your wedding taking place in. Do you see your self under the warm summer sun or do you prefer the crisp fall air.

At the same time you have to consider whether or not you’re perfect season is practical for your budget and your guests.

Certain months are at high demand for wedding. Which equals higher more competitive prices. Spring through early fall is typical known as “wedding season.” More specifically June and September.

You also have to think about the summer or winter vacation that half of your family has been planning a year. It’s probably not a good idea not to plan your wedding in the middle of their planned vacation. While, yes, your family does love you you shouldn’t make them choose.

Conflicting times are often inevitable, but it’s good to take events you’re already aware of into consideration.

You also have to consider what’s convenient for you and your fiance. If you’re leaving for a honeymoon are you able to take off work at this time are there any expected military deployments?

Once you’ve taken a minute to think over all these factors you will most likely have an idea of when you want to hold your wedding.

You’ll soon see that this also helps when searching for your venue. Which you can read all about in my two post on choosing the venue.