Wedding Etiquette

We don’t get married everyday right? So it’s understandable that most of us don’t know all the “rules” and proper behavior for a wedding.

The has a great article on the order of the ceremony service.

This can help you plan how you would like your service to go. You don’t have to follow any rules to a tee, but it helps you get started.

Traditionally the brides family pays for the wedding, but today many couples are contributing equally. It is important to work out these details from the beginning.

Typically the bride we’ll pay for the grooms ring as he pays for both her engagement and wedding ring.

It is also a tradition for the grooms family to provide the alcohol. For some more details on etiquette regarding the financial side of the wedding check out this information from PopSugar.

Something else to consider is seating arrangements. Will you be deciding seating ahead of time or allowing your guests to choose?

Will there be a brides side and a grooms side or will you encourage everyone to intermingle. These are all details you and your future spouse should work out together.

In most cases it’s not as stressful as you think. Most of your guests will just go with the flow.

Tradition works for some couples and doesn’t work for others. Maybe you need a mixture of traditional and modern. Just chose whatever is the most appropriate to you and your guests.