What to buy online and what not

Online shopping is a gift in our modern era. However, when it comes to the important details of your wedding there’s some things best seen in person before purchased.


Important details like your wedding dress! Most well-known bridal shops have their dresses available for viewing online. However, the strongly you suggest you go in to a shop and try on the dress.

You never know how it’s going to look on you. That dream Disney princess dress might not be what you expected in person.


Decor for DIY’s can often be found online and in bulk. A lot of specific items you want may not be avaliable in store. When this happens going online is a great resources.

You can check out my resources page for a few site recommendations.


While it might seem cheaper to order the groomsmen ties online it might not be worth it. Often the color you see online it’s not what you will actually receive. If you do decided to order an item like this online make sure you order from a trusted business.


Invitations are something that can be ordered online. Most times the company has templates online and sometimes you can even customized. Sites like Minted also send you free samples so you can literally get a feel for what you are buying.