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Gifts for the Bridal Party: cute or costly?

A popular trend right now is getting gifts for the bridal party. This usually means the bridesmaid and the groomsmen, but some brides go the extra mile and get gifts for their flower girls and ring bearers.

This is such a cute gesture but the price can start adding up when you factor everything you have to pay for already. A lot of people think the gift idea is a little unnecessary when looking at the costs. At the same time the people in your bridal party are sacrificing a lot of their time to help make your day special.

Gifts for your friends don’t always have to be on the pricey side. For the bridesmaids stop thinking matching Tiffany bracelets. Get creative! A lot of brides are opting to put together “Bridesmaid Boxes.” These can be filled with whatever you want and you can still keep the price down.

Bridesmaid gift ideas

Nail polish for the wedding

Tumbler full of goodies

Favorite drink (target has mini champagnes!)

The more personal the more it will be appreciated. Just something small that says thanks for going on this journey with me.

Men don’t seem to be as big on the boxes as women. But, there are still some nice ideas out there for groomsmen. I cannot emphasize this enough, but Pinterest is full of great ideas. Groomsmen kits are definitely a thing.

A few ideas for groomsmen

cuff links

drink of choice (small bottles from bevmo)

tie for the wedding

Things that will come in handy for the wedding are nice especially if your party is coming out of their own pocket for their wedding attire.