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Bridal Party Attire

For some people what the bridal party wears is not that important, but for others it makes or breaks the wedding.

If you are concerned with the aesthetics of your wedding then what your bridal party is very important.

They will set the tone for your pictures and the mood of your ceremony.

What to consider:

Theme: is there a theme to your wedding that the attire needs to flow with.

Colors: Is everyone wearing the same colors or will they wear different colors that match well.

Price: Are you paying or is everyone buying their own.

Design: Some brides have their bridesmaids dresses designed while others go to a department store or bridal shop.

Having your  dress costumed designed is often more pricey, but it is easier if you want all of them to have the same dress color and material.

Fit: This goes more for dresses than suits but different dresses fit each woman differently. If you want your bridesmaid to be your friend after the wedding its a good idea to find dress shapes that flatter everyone. If you are set on a certain color or material you can still try to find various shapes so that each bridesmaid can find a dress that flatters their body type.

Maid of Honor/Best Man: Sometimes these two wear something that’s slightly different than the rest of the bridal party so that they stand out from the rest.

When picking out your bridal party’s attire you should go for something affordable but still appealing to the eye. You want them to be comfortable in what they are wearing while still going with the flow of your wedding.

Often times is easy to show them a few sample of what you had in mind so that they can in a way pick out their clothes. However, it is your day and your friends will more than likely be happy to wear whatever you chose.