Communication is key

A huge key to planning a wedding is keeping the lines of communication open.

This means communicating to your planner (if you have one) what you want so that they can create a day that you will actually enjoy.

You should have open communication with your fiancé as well. For some couples a lot of the wedding planning falls onto one person and for other couples they work together to plan the day. Whichever couple you are just make sure that the two of you are open about what is expected for the day. This could include activities, songs and most importantly the budget.

The budget is often a touchy subject. You have to figure out what you’re willing to spend on the wedding. Is your family contributing? If so how much. These are all thing you and your family need to discuss before making any major decisions on the wedding.

Make sure you discuss decisions as a couple so that there is no confusion. You do not want to start your marriage off being frustrated over one day.

You and your fiance most like have your own schedule be it work, school, or family. One idea so that you don’t forget anything is to write down any wedding related topic that comes up. You might have a notebook or jar that you can put it in. Then set a day or two out of the week to go over your topics.

This way nothing is forgotten and both people are contributing and having their voices heard.

Make sure you keep your bridal party and families in the loop as well. This is your day but they have a part too and want to feel included in this special time. Make sure that they are aware of  any important dates coming up so that they can plan accordingly.

Communicating consistently can save you from unnecessary mix ups believe me!