Inviting folks to your big day

Inviting people to your wedding can be a tricky thing. Some couple want everybody to be their while others want just a few close friends and family.

If you are someone who wants a larger wedding then one thing you have to be concerned with is your budget. Unless you have an unlimited budget than the more the merrier!

If you are like those of us who do have to be concerned with the budget than you have to figure out who really needs to be there. This gets hard when you live in a small town or attend a close-knit church. Because everyone is going to hear about it and everyone is going to want an invitation.

If your wedding is catered than each head is a plate that cost money. I’ve seen some caterers prices that range from around $16 a plat to around $200 a plate. If you know you are going to have a lot of guests then you might want to find a caterer that fits your price range.

Otherwise you might have to tell your third grade teacher that they will be missed.

Other factors to consider when inviting people is to the venue. How many people are permitted in this location?

Some locations that are made for large parties have a minimum that you need to have before you can even book their place, or you end up paying the fee for the minimum whether you have that many people or not.

Before inviting people you have to remember not everyone you invite or even who says they want to come is actually going to come. People love being invited places, but they do not always follow through.

Make sure you send your invitations with enough time to hear back so that way you also have enough time to report numbers to vendors.

Most importantly think about the people who you actually want to share this very special day with. Do not simply invite people out of obligation. Think about the people who are rooting for your marriage and will enjoy the day with you. That’s what really makes a wedding day special.