Preparing for the Honeymoon

Choosing a location 

This often depends on the season and what whether you two will enjoy the most. If you are having a winter wedding perhaps a cabin in the woods will suit you. If you are having a summer wedding perhaps vacation house on the beach works better. Figure out if you’re a national forrest couple or a trip to the Bahamas kind of couple. Then of course factor in the time of year and what you can afford.


Start saving money early. You’re going to need money for transportation to and from your destination. You’ll need money for the actual vacation. Also factor in buying food or if its included in your vacation package. You’ll also need spending money for anything that comes up or any emergencies.

Out of the Country Trip

Make sure the two of you have your passports prepared. Remember you still need passports if you are going on an American cruise line. If it’s sailing out of the country you won’t be if you don’t have a passport.

Find out if you will have to exchange your money to that countries currency.

Make sure you book your tickets in advance plane tickets can get very pricey especially if you wait until the last minute.

Pack your bags

You should have your suitcase packed a few days in advance or at least the night before the wedding. Plan out your outfits so that way you don’t have unnecessary baggage. Make a checklist of essential items like toothpaste, sunscreen, etc..


Enjoy your trip and your time as a newlywed. Take lot’s of pictures and simply enjoy your vacation!