The dress

Preparing for you Dress Appointment

Every girl (well a lot of girls) dreams of the day she gets to try on wedding dresses and find “the” dress. When going in to try on your dress your full of anticipation and probably have high expectations. Especially if you’ve been binge watching “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes.

Unless you are taking a trip to Kleinfeild’s or Bridals by Lori then your day may not be exactly how it is on TV but that doesn’t mean it can’t be magical.

First thing you should do is read reviews on the various bridal shops. You are most likely going to find that SYTD treatment from a smaller bridal shop versus a large department store.

Go through the reviews to get a feel for the shop but make sure your not basing your decision off of one or two disgruntled customers.

Now, before heading off to the bridal shop you should prepare what you are going to wear and who are you are going to bring with you.

Let’s  with what you are going to wear:

Comfy clothes that you can change in and out of it are best.

Decide your undergarments. A lot of bridal shops offer a slip and bustier for trying on the dresses, so you might not have to worry about that.

You might want to bring a pair of heels so you can test out how long your dress should come down. Most shops have shoes everywhere so you can ask to try on a pair if they haven’t already offered.

Who to bring:

This is a bigger decision then you might think. This can turn your appointment into a Disney-like appointment to a disaster appointment. I’m sure you’ve seen those on SYTD

I suggest bringing parents, CLOSE siblings, or cousins. Ultimately you want to bring people who have your best interest at heart not people who will take control of you appointment and not listen to what you want.

You still want them to be honest and tell you if something isn’t very flattering but you also want people who are they to support your likes and interests.

This is a fun experience so come in with a positive attitude and don’t be discouraged if you don’t find one at the first store. If you do happen to find one at the first store then don’t worry if you found it too soon. There’s a million beautiful dresses out there if you found one you like and looks great on you. Then go with it!