Staying Organized

It’s easy to get flustered during the whole wedding process. You have so many things to think about in addition to your normal everyday schedule. There are a couple of things you can do in order to keep this planning process a little less hectic.

Wedding Binder– To keep track of the contracts or any forms from vendors.

You can buy any binder that you think is appropriate to keep in track of everything. This binder should contain any and everything involving your wedding. You should bring it to all your meeting to take notes and keep track of any forms from potential vendors.

You can divide it into sections such as :

Ceremony – order of service, etc

Decorations- Color scheme, set up, tasks, etc..

Wedding Ceremony- Order of service, vednors,

Catering- Menu, prices, set up

Planner– to mark the dates of any meetings or payment plans, rehearsal dinner

This can be separate or apart of your binder. I have found it easy to keep it separate so that way I can use it with my everyday plans. This way I keep the wedding plans on my mind rather than having to remember to come back to it daily.

You should write down the dates that payments are due. It would be terrible to get behind or worst have something canceled because of a late payment that was forgotten about.

You should also write down meeting dates. Basically write down any dates that pertain to your wedding day.

In addition, you should keep records of spending and what’s due. It would be good to have a financial section in your wedding binder.