What to DIY?

Some DIY’s will save you a TON of money. However if you are not an expert something do not need to be taken. They might end up costing more for the supplies or just completely to frustrating and you don’t want to stress yourself an attempt to make things easier.

What to DIY:

Center pieces- There are lots of instructions online on how to put together centerpieces. Make sure you start ahead of time and have some help while you put them together. However, make sure the materials needed don’t cost more than what it actually cost to just buy the centerpiece.

Name Cards- These are something you can save money on. You can also get creative with it and make the name card something fun the guest can take home. This way you get the centerpiece and wedding favor out of the way.


This is something you can also get creative with. It does not have to be a literal guestbook. You can have a box with notes, a wooden board with with guest signatures, or even polaroids with notes on it. Have fun with it! Find a cute way to preserve memories from all the people who attending your wedding.

One thing I wouldn’t DIY

There are tons of thing you can DIY but there is one thing I would advise caution on putting together your own flower arrangements. Especially if you are using real flowers. Your wedding bouquet is a big deal and working with real flowers is not as easy as it looks. Unless you know what your doing I would save real floral bouquets to the professionals.