The sites below will be helpful resources in your wedding planning process. You’re going to need a central place to store all your ideas and future plans as well as discover new ideas. It is also always a good idea to hear from other brides experiences and ask the questions. There are many forums dedicated just for brides, so I have listed a few below. Wedding etiquette isn’t something most know off hand, the Knot’s website is definitely helpful when it comes to that.


Pinterest is a great way to find super helpful and creative ideas and then catalog those ideas.

Wedding Wire-

Wedding wire is a forum for brides to ask and answer questions.

Wedding Bee-

Wedding Bee is another good site for bride forums as well as other helpful tips.

The Knot-

The Knot can help you organize and get a feel of how your day should go. 


YouTube is a great place to get ideas and advice from brides who have planned their own weddings.