You’re Engaged!

Congratulations you’re engaged!

Now what?

Well once the initial shock wears off….

The first thing you should do is make an announcement to your close friends and family. I cannot emphasize the importance of this.

Your granny, your favorite aunt and your best friend all have something in common. They love you and they do not want to find out about your engagement on Facebook or Twitter.

If they were not apart of the proposal pick up a phone and give them a call. This excited news needs to be shared with your loved ones.

Even if you don’t call all your family directly at least make sure your parents let them know.

You don’t want to be at the next family gathering and get the awkward “so I hear your engaged?” question thats less of a question and more like a statement full of resentment.

It’s easier when your family is on board so don’t hesitate to clue them in on your major life changes.