Engagement Photos

You might want to rush an find a photographer to take your engagement photos soon after getting engaged. Before you do you should find some who has a good deal on engagement photos and packages for the wedding, and see if you can get a discount since they are covering both events.

You should also consider taking your photos yourself I know it sounds crazy, but if you are someone who owns a DSLR already why not?

All you need is a camera you can set on timer and a tripod and there you go. At no cost at all you’ve got good pictures that are probably more personal than if a photographer took them. It might take a few tries, but it’s definitely a money saver.

I will also leave a link to some popular engagement photo poses if you’re stuck. Even if you have a photographer it’s nice to have an idea of what you want. Just remember some poses do not work for everybody.

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Your photos can be used for more than just Instagram!

While its great updating all your friends on your recent engagement remember these photos can be used on your save the dates as well. This is another money saver.